What went wrong with Brewcade?

My friends had skipped out on the London Breed pinball party at Free Gold Watch. I figured they were suckers, cuz free snacks. FREE SNAKZZZZZZ

I asked dude at FGW what the deal was with the London Breed party and he was like “ask Matt in the Hat.”
So I asked Matt in the Hat what the deal was and he was all like “What do you mean?”
“I mean like, what are y’all doing for this party. Y’all gonna have some snacks or something?”
“I don’t know, London Breed didn’t tell me what she was bringing.

So the party host didn’t know anything about his party, and I didn’t see London Breed or any snacks or any other signs of partying other than the usual Wednesday night pinball league tournament or some such thing. A friend said he saw her but didn’t think she had snacks or beers or any righteous tunes or balloons or nothing.

I left Free Gold Watch with my sights set on the grand opening of Brewcade: Duboce Triangle’s very own arcade that serves brew (Barcade was already registered).

A beer bar with lots of videogames you say? What’s not to love? I didn’t love having to rub my butt up against the people playing behind me. I also didn’t love the walls of butts keeping me from getting to machines down the lines. The only game one could play without fear of unwanted butt rubbing was tic tac toe.


Besides all the butt rubbing, which could admittedly be a positive thing in some instances, I wasn’t into the serious lack of beer. To be fair, the bartender warned me that they didn’t have some of their kegs, but all four beers I asked for were not being poured. Mr. bartender kindly offered to sell me a frozen champagne instead of beer, which I graciously declined.

The visual atmosphere was totally drab and devoid of any heart (i.e. lots of hard gray surfaces), the sound on all the games was turned way down (or off), there was a jukebox nobody could hear, and they were playing some gladiator movie with no sound.

I really wanted to love this place. I love beer and I love arcades. The most depressing part of all this is that the games belong to Video Bob (AKA: the dude who owned Star Base in San Rafael). So they gutted an iconic videogame landmark that always had whatever beer you wanted (BYOB), a killer atmosphere, and no butt rubbing, then repackaged everything to appeal to a more cosmopolitan 30-somethings crowd, and this is the result. I’m happy that Bob is still able to share his videogame collection with the world, but he just doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would find anything about this place appealing.

Let’s do a quick side-by-side Yelp photo comparison of the two places.



Who would you rather play videogames with?

So for those of you considering the waitlist for one of those million dollar condos perched above Brewcade in hopes of living out your childhood fantasy of being able to stop by the arcade every day on your way home, perhaps you should reconsider.

Brewcade didn’t even have any chips