Jesus Metal vs Satan Metal: Round 1

Zao – Desire the End

I desire the end
The touch of armageddon
This world encased in flames…
Bodies lie beneath fallen kingdoms…
…I walk on fallen kingdoms…
…I desire the end…
…I desire the new beginning



Toxic Holocaust – Nuke the Cross

Hidden chamber beneath the Earth
Built with stone and very dark
Hiding lost atomic arms
From a war never fought
Malicious schemes, the Devil’s own
Weapons under his control
Overlord splits the ground, aiming for the sky
A strike for the holy one, now it’s time to die

Nuke the Cross

Wall of fire glowing bright
Lightning cracks across the sky
Warheads boiling to extremes
Religion is now history
Pit fiend in the hellish planes
Master of his domain
Sounds of the angels crying
heard throughout the night
A strike for the holy on now it’s time to die

Nuke the cross

Your savior can’t retaliate
Can’t fight against this storm of hate
Brought on by years of lies
Cast right out from the skies
Using stockpiles made by man
Stronger than we can grasp

Missiles launched, encased in black
aiming for the sky
God can’t defend this strike
Now’s his time to die


The Toxic Holocaust track seems a bit more forced. The imagery of the Zao track is definitely more cringe-inducing. I give this one to Zao.