December 20, 2013: Mission Minyan


This past Friday I went to the 6:30pm Mission Minyan service.

Mission Minyan meets in the San Francisco Women’s Building, this time right above some sort of heavy hitting party downstairs. This service was challenging because it was entirely chanting/singing/reciting in Hebrew. We were provided with books that had everything written in Hebrew, with English translations & transliterations, but it was still difficult because the language is so foreign to me. I split my time between trying to read along out loud, trying to read the translations, and worrying that my yarmulke might fall off my head. The service was led entirely by laypeople and they had crackers, chocolates, and wine at the end. I’m told that there are usually snack sponsors who hook up more badass food. I don’t know much about the Jewish Shabbat meal, but it seems like folks in the congregation welcome each other and strangers into their homes for food after service. Did I get that right? I ended up going to a bar afterwards for dinner.

One thing’s fer sure: Mission Minyan has the sweetest header logo that I’ve ever seen on a religious congregation’s website.