Looking for a place to live

I need to move in early June. Below are some general bullet points regarding who I am and what I desire. They aren’t hard & fast rules, but the more in-line you are with these things, the more likely we are to get along well as housemates.

These are the things I desire in a home:
  • Space to grow produce and hopefully have some chickens
  • Space to brew 10-gallon batches of beer in the backyard to share with the house
  • A place that costs me under $700/mo for rent (plus more for utilities & food)
  • Some occasional (or frequent) family time (house dinners?) with my housemates and not to just be in a home with strangers who happen to live under the same roof
  • I also like hosting friends for gatherings on occasion. A mellow craft or writing night is the kind of thing I like to host every now and again, a big blowout all night party is fun, but reserved for special occasions
Me as a housemate:
  • I am generally tidy but not uptight.
  • I believe in sharing and caring. Of course you can use my things, we’re all on the same team here.
  • I am financially stable and will pay rent and all bills on time.
  • I love to cook big meals.
  • I sometimes stay up late with friends but am respectful of those around me.
  • I am queer positive, freak positive, mostly just positive.