December 8, 2013: First United Lutheran Church


Yesterday evening I went to the 5pm service at First United Lutheran Church. Of note:

  • The congregation meets in Saint Cyprian’s Episcopal Church.
  • The pastor and vicar are both women.
  • There were approximately 22 people in total present.
  • They began the service with the striking of a meditation bell and a mutual greeting of “shalom.” In fact, the gathering program has two Stars of David on it and there were multiple periods of silence that were demarcated by the sound of the bell.

Overall, it was straightforward and mostly engaging. The vicar was a great storyteller and most of the songs felt sacred but accessible (I especially loved Kyrie Eleison). The congregation seems very affirming of people of all faiths or none, and they actually seemed really into the sharing of peace. Overall it was still a lot like the usual Sunday service (stand up, sit down, call/response, etc.). I enjoyed my time and would go back, but I still want to go a bit deeper in my services.