Church Sleepover





Completed in 1898, Sacred Heart Church has been left unused for over a decade and is the subject of much contention. So I spent the night there.

The emptiness of such a tremendous space left me feeling isolated, vulnerable, and uncared for. In the morning I awoke to loud footsteps and crashes downstairs. I walked out feebly, half-expecting somebody down there, just waiting to ambush me. I found no people, but a door that had been pried open. I later realized that my bicycle trailer had been stolen.

I ask god how something of mine could be stolen from within a church, and he reminds me of those brief moments of contemplation the night before: “I can just leave the trailer out. What are the odds of somebody coming in here and stealing it anyway?”

“I tried to warn you,” said god. Bloody brilliant. At least the intruders didn’t steal my bicycle, hundreds of dollars worth of bicycle parts & beer kegs, or couple hundred bucks of cash in my backpack. They were too lazy to look in the closet.