About Me

Me Iron Springs small

This whole website is about me. You just wanted to see a photograph of me, didn’t you?

Born and raised in Austin, TX. You may have known me as Frank Grajales. I’m older now, so I go by Francisco. I now live in Oakland, CA.

I spend most of my free time:

  • riding my bicycle
  • camping
  • hosting community gatherings around the Bay Area
  • thinking about how much I wish I read more

I believe that:

  • our home (planet earth) is at a crucial turning point and that we have to consider how our actions affect all other beings as members of the same common ancestry
  • cooperation is the only way out of the mess that we and our ancestors have created for ourselves
  • religions hold many sacred truths that have far too often been corrupted and used to destructive ends
  • we’d all be a lot better off if we were less car-dependent
  • life is beautiful